All About Dental Retainers

Dental retainers hold your teeth in place, usually after you get braces to realign the teeth. These are custom-designed and effective for keeping the teeth intact after reshaping. It is not easy for many people to wear a retainer, but it is worth it and very effective. You will realize this once you see the end result of wearing one. If you plan on getting retainers and want to learn more about them, stick around and read this article further!

All about dental retainers

What is The Purpose of Wearing Retainers?

When you undergo orthodontic treatment, such as getting braces, getting retainers becomes all the more important. For orthodontic treatment to work effectively, you need to wear retainers. These help retain the new position of your teeth, which can change during braces treatment. The same goes for when you wear clear aligners; you will need to wear retainers for your treatment to be successful at the end. If you don’t wear a retainer, you will notice the position changing back to its original state. This means the period that you spent wearing braces went to waste. When your teeth are repositioned, the ligaments and tissues in your mouth need some time to adjust to the new positioning. The ligaments would want to snap back into their old position, along with your teeth. To retain this, you have to wear retainers for a certain period of time.

The Different Types of Dental Retainers

Retainers come in three different types, all of which have a similar function: to keep your teeth in place after repositioning. Depending on your case, your orthodontist will recommend the right type of retainer. Mentioned below are different types of retainers:

Hawley Retainer

Hawley retainers, also known as wire retainers, are easy to remove whenever you want. There are specific times when you must remove them, such as before you eat and whenever you clean them. Of course, just because they’re removable does not mean that you can remove them whenever you want to and end up not wearing them that much. You must make sure to follow the instructions of your orthodontist regarding the number of times you can remove your retainer.

Clear Plastic Retainer

The clear plastic retainer is another type of removable retainer also known as the molded retainer. This retainer has a specific mold that fits right into the new position of your teeth. These ones are becoming more and more popular due to their invisible feature. People don’t usually like it when retainers can be seen on their teeth; hence these invisible ones are the perfect way to get rid of the insecurity of having them seen with retainers on. However, don’t take these retainers as another Invisalign, as that is used only to straighten the teeth, not to prevent them from going out of their new position.

Bonded Retainers

Bonded retainers for the first type of retainers to come in the mix. The retainers are attached to your teeth right after you get your braces removed. These types of retainers help you keep your teeth stable in the position for the initial few months of the treatment. If you get a bonded retainer, you have to wear them at all times and don’t have the freedom to remove them.

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How Long Do You Have to Wear Retainers?

Most orthodontists recommend patients start wearing retainers as soon as they remove the braces. There is no time frame till when you can wear retainers as you always have to wear them, but you can get them replaced after a few years. According to many researchers, some patients tend to wear their retainer forever, and this is an indefinite treatment, and it never stops.

When it comes to how many times a day you’re supposed to wear them, this depends on the type of retainer you have. If you have removable retainers, you can remove them a few times; however, with bonded retainers, you will be wearing them throughout.  The number of times you wear your retainers might gradually reduce depending on the improvement your orthodontist sees, but this depends on many other factors as well.

Dental Retainers: The Takeaway

Now that you’re aware of what retainers are and the purpose of wearing them, you should get an appointment with an orthodontist and check if you need them. If you recently got your braces removed, you need to start wearing retainers immediately.

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