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Clear vs Metal Braces

clear-vs-metal-braces-top-nyc-orthodontist-specialist-01Who wins in the battle of clear vs metal braces? If you’re in the market for braces, you may not be aware that many forms of braces are available. In the past, there used to be only a single braces option, known as the traditional metal braces, available for patients. These were used since early civilizations in order to straighten teeth for purely aesthetic purposes Now, thanks to advanced technology and improved research, various forms of braces have been invented, including a clear form. This allows for minimal visibility of the braces along your teeth. Braces allow for straightening of your teeth for both visual and useful purposes. This means if you have any structural issues within your mouth, braces can help correct these as well. If you’re debating whether you’d most benefit from clear or metal braces, let’s compare both of these options in detail below.

Clear Braces

clear-braces-general-information-03Clear braces operate identically to metal braces in the fact they are fastened to your teeth with a composite resin. Clear bands are then attached to the tooth and tightened every four weeks. The use of clear braces can benefit plenty of individuals who need braces but don’t want the look of metal against their teeth. For obvious reasons, the most positive reason for receiving clear braces is they’ll be significantly less visible then the traditional metal braces are. Additionally, these braces can drastically improve the look of your teeth over time, potentially faster than traditional braces can. That’s because many clear braces operate on a sliding mechanism which allows for faster results. Another great feature about clear braces is they rarely require extractions. The goal of these braces is to get the fastest, most improved results possible, all while utilizing the natural shape of your mouth and teeth. Clear braces is an excellent option for individuals who desire straighter teeth but don’t want the potential chunkiness of metal braces.

Metal Braces

traditional-metal-braces-information-02Metal braces are the most typical, common form of braces that exist. They have been used for hundreds of years, improved through time. Metal braces use all metal – this means there is metal attached to your teeth with a composite resin, and there are metal wires that connect these brackets to each other. Every four to six weeks, you’ll come visit us for a tightening. Gradually, your teeth will become pulled into its ideal place in the mouth. One negative about metal braces is how visible they are. They stand out against the natural white color of the tooth ultimately making them significantly more visible. Alternatively, metal braces are the best for those with extreme oral conditions and misalignments. This is because orthodontists are able to easily manipulate the brackets to determine how your teeth will eventually lay in the mouth. Nothing is wrong with the original, so if you have a more severe case, don’t fret the metal!

Need Braces?

Even though the process may be daunting, braces can significantly benefit you and the way your smile looks in the long run. For a top orthodontist in NYC, Manhattan Family Orthodontics can help you out. Here, we can identify whether you’d benefit most from clear or metal braces and talk you through the entire process.

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Ceramic Braces

top-local-orthodontist-for-ceramic-braces-01Are you or someone in the family looking to get braces in the near future? Have you been wondering about the best potential options and types of braces to receive? Often times when people first think about getting braces, they picture the traditional metal brackets and wires that were widely used in the past. Today, new and improved braces options have become available. One example of such is ceramic braces. If you’re widely unfamiliar with what ceramic braces are and how they can benefit you or a member of your family, learning about them will help you make an informed decision about whether or not they would benefit you. Let’s take a look at some of the key factors related to ceramic braces below!

What Are Ceramic Braces?

ceramic-braces-close-up-pic-general-information-02If you are familiar with how typical and traditional metal braces function, you know how ceramic braces work. The only difference between the two forms of braces is the material that it is made out of. With ceramic braces, as the name suggests, the bracket material is made of ceramic and therefore matches the color of your tooth closer than metal braces can. This allows for a more invisible and sleeker look compared to metal braces. In terms of functionality, ceramic braces are fastened to the teeth with a form of composite. Wires are then connected to these brackets which gradually tighten each time you come for an orthodontist appointment, just like with traditional metal braces.

Positives of Ceramic Braces

There are many benefits that somebody can receive when looking to use ceramic braces. To start off, ceramic braces are less visible than traditional metal braces. This allows you or your loved one to feel less embarrassment or awkwardness they may experience when using traditional braces. Since they are the same color as your tooth, these braces will look much smoother and less noticeable. Additionally, ceramic is known to be a less abrasive material than metal. This could ultimately lead to less oral irritation than traditional braces normally induce. Lastly, in terms of the noticeability, ceramic braces cost less than other alternatives that show less against teeth, such as invisible aligners. If you’re looking for the sleekest, most cost-effective braces option possible, ceramic braces are a great option.

Negatives of Ceramic Braces

ceramic-braces-vs-traditional-comparison-pics-03With positives must accompany potential negatives of ceramic braces. While these reasons may not affect your choice to opt for ceramic braces, they are great things to know when looking to use them. First of all, it is important to note that ceramic braces can stain. This is due to the material of ceramic being lighter in color and more porous. This means if you eat or drink anything that typically stain clothes, it could stain your braces if you don’t properly brush your teeth after. Additionally, ceramic braces cost more than traditional braces might. This is important to note, as they function in identical ways.

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If you’re interested in hearing more about ceramic braces and want to schedule an appointment with the best orthodontist in New York City, contact Manhattan Family Orthodontics today! Here, we can help you identify whether or not ceramic braces is the best option for you or your loved one. Get the teeth of your dreams with us today!

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Tips for choosing the right Orthodontist

orthodontist braces teenagersChoosing the right doctor for any problem helps you get rid of half of the burden. As with all other treatments, the orthodontic treatment can also result in adverse effects if not received from a trusted and reliable orthodontist. Problems such as gum disease and tooth decay, enamel wear or trauma, root resorption and the likes can be prevented by choosing the right orthodontist. Here are some tips for choosing the right orthodontist.

Tip 1: Make a List

The first step to choosing the right orthodontist would be to make a short list of potential doctors based on recommendations and/or research done on local doctors. The purpose of doing this is to shortlist a number of orthodontists to choose the best amongst them. You can also view the websites set up by each of them to gain a deeper insight into their services.

Tip 2: Educational Background and Experience

Invisalign orthodontist teenagersAnother important factor to look at is the kind of experience that a particular orthodontist has. In addition to the experience, it is a good idea to take into account the school where they got their education from and ensure that they are licensed from the relevant authority. It is also vital to choose someone who has sufficient experience in dealing with the kind of problem you are currently facing.

Tip 3: Get More than One Consultations

Some of the orthodontists offer free consultation and hence it is possible for you to visit a number of shortlisted orthodontists for the preliminary consultation session. In order to fully utilize this session, it is vital to ask a number of questions and give a detailed account of your medical history. Generally, an X-ray is done in the first consultation session which helps the orthodontist give you a clear picture of your treatment plan. Listen to this intently and choose the one you feel at ease with the most.

Tip 4: Latest Technology

orthodontistIt is also very important to ensure that the orthodontist you choose has access to the latest technology available in this field. Orthodontics is a growing field with innovations being introduced every now and then. Make sure the orthodontist you select for your treatment has incorporated modern technology in his/her work. Not only does it help you receive treatments that are minimally invasive but also more long lasting results.

Tip 5: Environment

Since orthodontic treatment requires a fairly significant amount of time, it is necessary to choose a clinic that has a friendly and welcoming environment. You will be visiting the clinic somewhat frequently, which gives you all the more reason to choose a place that is near your workplace or home. More importantly, it has to be a place that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed from how clean it is to how happily you are welcomed there by the staff.

Tip 6: Payment Plan

Before you choose your orthodontist, it is absolutely imperative to ensure that you are aware of all the costs associated with your treatment. In your first session, be sure to ask for any hidden costs or fees, so that you can make a sound decision.

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