Fixing Crooked Teeth

What are the best ways of fixing crooked teeth? Crooked teeth are common in both children and adults. Often, people with crooked and misaligned teeth become conscious because of the way their teeth appear. Some often avoid dental visits, perhaps to save costs on the dental treatments.

Simply put, there is little to no awareness about the potential complications and health problems associated with crooked teeth. Moreover, who doesn’t want a bright and attractive smile? It makes you look beautiful and boosts self-confidence.

Fixing Crooked Teeth

Do you want to rectify your crooked and misaligned teeth? If so, then keep reading to learn about fixing crooked teeth.

What Causes Crooked Teeth?

Crooked teeth mainly occur due to overcrowding inside the mouth. Generally, it is one tooth that disturbs other teeth while pushing them back or forth. Sometimes, it is the narrow roof of the mouth that causes a crooked tooth to overcrowd inside the mouth.

All in all, crooked teeth affect the bite, chewing, etc. They also cause misalignment on the jawbone and gums. Here are some of the general causes of crooked teeth.

  • Baby teeth problems (extra teeth, missing teeth, or early loss)
  • Tongue pushing against the front teeth (poor swallow reflux)
  • Big Teeth
  • Thumb sucking at an early age (i.e., during infancy)

Complications of Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth can potentially affect the quality of your life. What most people don’t realize that few general complications can occur due to crooked teeth. Hence, they don’t seek orthodontic dental care and develop other oral diseases.

Self-consciousness: Some people try to avoid smiling in public places to avoid the embarrassment of crooked teeth. Thus, this leads to social awkwardness and a lack of self-confidence

Tooth Wear: Crooked teeth can cause wear and tear on gums and cheek muscles. Moreover, they can also wear the jaw muscles causing jaw pain/strain, chronic headaches, and even temporomandibular joint disorder.

Periodontal Diseases: You may develop tooth decay, tooth-rotting, and gum diseases such as gingivitis if you are unable to clean your teeth efficiently. Crooked teeth make it hard to brush and floss in between and outside. Serious infections can damage the jawbone and gums.

Chewing: Inadequate chewing of food and even several morsels can result in digestive problems.

Talking: Misalignment due to crooked teeth can make it extremely difficult to pronounce some words and sounds properly.

Fixing Crooked Teeth: Treatment Options

Teeth Straightening Surgeries

Teeth-straightening surgeries involve minor surgical procedures that your orthodontist conducts, taking all precautions. It may involve the repositioning of gums and bones inside your mouth in order to improve teeth-holding ability.

Notably, they may help reduce the overall time you have to wear the braces to correct misalignment and crooked teeth by a significant fraction. Orthognathic surgery involves realigning the jaw when the speech and/or chewing are severely affected.


  • Invisible

Invisible braces are clear aligners that have a comfortable plastic material to fit perfectly over your teeth. Firstly, your orthodontist will conduct a thorough examination to determine the real shape and size of your teeth. The examination process involves x-rays, impression molding, and 3-D imaging to help the orthodontist create the perfect invisible braces set.

They require frequent change, and you will have to visit your orthodontist so they can refigure the set of clear aligners. They are nearly impossible to notice from medium to close range. Nonetheless, they are more prone to staining.

Fixing Crooked Teeth | Invisible Braces

  • Metal

Metal braces encompass the use of metal brackets that your orthodontist will bond to the enamel of every tooth. Subsequently, they will work on the application of the long flexible arch-wire and place an o-shaped elastic band with every metal bracket on every tooth.

The elastic band helps in realigning the teeth with the flexible arch-wire. What’s more, metal braces may be the least expensive than other braces.

  • Lingual

Your orthodontist will place the same metal braces but on the backside of your teeth. As a result, it makes them difficult to notice. However, you may find it difficult to clean, maintain, and wear them for long periods than the traditional metal braces.

  • Ceramic

Ceramic braces are similar to metal braces in terms of procedure, management, and results. However, they are relatively more expensive due to the tooth-colored appearance of the brackets and the arch-wire that surrounds the teeth.

Additionally, they are more prone to staining and are less durable.

Fixing Crooked Teeth: Conclusion

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