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Welcome to Manhattan Family Orthodontics Manhattan Family Orthodontics offers state-of-the art dental care in a modern, relaxed environment. Our professional team of orthodontists are skilled in providing treatment to children, teens and adults. We have made a commitment to be a leader in orthodontic treatment by employing the best technologies that facilitate patient care, maintaining… Continue Reading

Invisalign Go wireless – No wires, no brackets. Invisalign makes it simple to achieve the winning smile you always wanted using invisible aligners. Know More Accelerated Orthodontics Time Matters We offer Acceledent and Propel to achieve quicker results and decrease your treatment time. Know More Individualized Care Treatment Designed for You Treatment for adults and… Continue Reading

Our Dentists

Kris Togias, DMD Dr. Togias works with children, teens and adults to achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. Whether you are seeking an orthodontist for cosmetic enhancement of your smile or looking to treat moderate to severe dental conditions, Dr. Togias will help you smile with confidence.  Know More >   Olivier Nicolay, DDS, MMS As a… Continue Reading

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Average Cost of Braces

In the state of the current economy, people have gotten more concerned for where they’re spending their money. Because of this, a first concern that often arises when you’re told that either you or your child needs braces is the money that this will cost you. There is no single price or formula that can… Continue Reading

Adult Orthodontics

Do you need adult orthodontics? It’s never too late to perfect your smile! If you’re self-conscious about your smile but nervous about getting braces at your age, have no fear. There are plenty of adults that receive orthodontic care after they grow older! You’re never too old for braces. In the past, orthodontics used to… Continue Reading

What is Malocclusion of the Teeth and How Can it be Treated?

Malocclusion of the teeth is one of the most frequent reasons why people seek treatment from an orthodontist. It refers to a misalignment of the teeth that can lead to various oral health issues. Crossbites, underbites, overbites, and crowded teeth are all types of malocclusion. Let’s look at some of the reasons and symptoms behind… Continue Reading

5 Common Myths and Misconceptions About Orthodontic Treatment

5 Common Myths and Misconceptions About Orthodontic Treatment Most people are familiar with dentists and what they do, but for some reason, the work of orthodontists still remains shrouded in mystery for many. However, some of the myths surrounding orthodontic treatments are not only false but could prevent people from seeking treatment in the first… Continue Reading

Orthodontist vs Dentist for Braces

Orthodontist vs Dentist – Which Specialist Do I Need? Both dentists and orthodontists work to improve oral health, but in different ways. Dentist are in charge of any diseases that impact your teeth and gums, may it be gingivitis, cavities, or sensitive teeth. Orthodontists, on the other hand, work more on teeth occlusion, correcting bites… Continue Reading

Orthodontist for Underbite

How Can I Treat an Underbite? Dealing with a severe underbite can be difficult both mentally and physically. It can make everyday activities like chewing and eating difficult and can affect your appearance and self-esteem as well. The good news is that an underbite can be fixed with professional help. Let’s take a closer look… Continue Reading

Types of Braces: Orthodontist NYC

What Type of Braces are the Best for Me? With all the different types of braces and orthodontic treatments on the market, it can be difficult to make a choice. All treatments are different, have different price points and features, and some may work better on some conditions than others. In this article, we’re going… Continue Reading

How to Pick the Best Orthodontist in NYC

4 Things You Should Consider When Picking an Orthodontist Getting corrective treatment for your teeth is no small affair and choosing the right orthodontist is of the utmost importance. A good orthodontist will guide you through the procedures, give you the better treatment option for your needs, and will make sure that the whole procedure… Continue Reading

Basics of Orthodontics by Top NYC Orthodontist

4 Signs That You May Need Orthodontic Treatment Orthodontic issues can have far reaching effects on your oral and overall health. This is why it’s important to address orthodontic issues early before they cause any complications. However, many people don’t seem to think they have serious issues and might not think that they need treatment.… Continue Reading