What is Accelerated Orthodontics?

What is Accelerated Orthodontics?There is no denying that orthodontic treatment can make a great difference in not only your smile but also overall appearance. While these treatments can change your entire personality and boost your self-esteem, they may take months and years to show you the desired results. The good news is that now you have a quicker option to fix your teeth and achieve your smile goals.

What is Accelerated Orthodontics?

Accelerated Orthodontics, in this regard, has become one of the fastest ways to straighten crooked or misaligned teeth. It is a relatively new and advanced processes that aims at achieving the same goals as other orthodontic treatments but in a shortened period.

Accelerated orthodontics is particularly effective for people with busy schedules and do not have much time to visit their orthodontist. The best part of opting for accelerated orthodontics is that it gives you the same result as conventional braces and brackets but in significantly less time. According to Dr. Robert Bray, the CEO of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), accelerated orthodontics is a extremely popular treatment in dentistry as it allows teeth to correct their position in months, which sets it apart from other treatment.

How Accelerated Orthodontics Work

 Accelerated orthodontics can be performed in several ways, some of them are:

 Propel Alveocentesis

This method stimulates the teeth and gums bone. As a result, it increases cytokine activities. This function makes teeth remodeling extremely faster and easier. Plus, it helps orthodontists target the specific teeth in the mouth when it requires.

Micro osteoperforation is a new technology. Propel alveocentesis recently introduced to improve cytokine activity. The treatment is followed immediately after orthodontic treatment by applying force on teeth to move them to the desired position.

AcceleDent Method

AcceleDent method refers to a hands-free device that comes with an activator. Patients who have undergone any orthodontic treatment have to wear them daily for at least 20 minutes. Typically, the AcceleDent method fits around orthodontic appliance including braces and aligners. The hands-free device uses a pulsing technology that accelerates the teeth movement according to the original position of braces.

Surgical Removal

Another popular method used in accelerated orthodontics is surgical removal. The method removes the tooth tissues found between the teeth to make space for better tooth movement.


It is a unique and innovative devised used in orthodontic treatment. With its high-frequency vibrations, it complements the aligner therapy. Patients need to use this effective device for only five minutes daily to ensure that clear braces remain in their seating. The device is part of the entire orthodontics treatment to speed up the process.

All these methods of accelerated orthodontics require retainers after alignment for at least six months. It is extremely important to enable the tooth bone to strengthen and recover fast. In addition, it keeps the new position of teeth stable. Not only this, all these processes require patients to pay special attention to hygiene to promote oral health.

Benefits of Accelerated Orthodontics

As mentioned earlier, accelerated orthodontics is one of the fastest ways to straighten misaligned teeth. One of the key benefits of these super-fast methods is “shorter treatment time” they take to fix the position of crooked teeth. In some cases, accelerated orthodontics causes you lesser discomfort and pain as compared to traditional braces or any other orthodontic appliances. They require fewer visits to your orthodontist that does not only save your time but money also.

According to a recent study from Orthodontic practice, an average patient spends approximately $654 on his traveling and treatment. That means if you are one with busy schedule, accelerated orthodontics is an ideal option to hasten the treatment.

The Acceledent and Alveocentesis methods are not only comfortable but also offer plenty of long-term benefits, and reduced risk of calcification is one of them. In addition to correcting structural problems, accelerated orthodontics may help improve overall oral health.

Straight teeth positively affect the health of gums and teeth that improve the ability to chew, eat, and bite.

Is Accelerated Orthodontics Effective for You?

Accelerated orthodontics is as effective as any other traditional orthodontic treatment. It is worth noting that these methods are fairly new and still require the support of some long-term studies to shed light on their working and effects. So far the procedure and results appear not only effective but also safe.

Accelerated Orthodontics Information | Orthodontist

Although accelerated orthodontics are all-raging and have shorter treatment length, they have a similar cost to conventional orthodontic treatment. It is because the treatment involves several doctors such as periodontist and orthodontists. An average cost of accelerated orthodontic treatment is $2,000 to $6,000, not covered by medical insurance. However, if you choose the reliable dental care services such as NYC Dental Orthodontics, you can avail several payment plans.

Thus, accelerated orthodontics without a doubt provides the same benefits as other traditional orthodontics but in significantly much less period of time. If you have long been considering the option of braces but dread the idea of wearing them for years, choose accelerated orthodontics from NYC Dental Orthodontics.

The professional team of orthodontists will help you improve your smile in a few months. The high-quality dental services offer its patient advanced accelerated treatments like AcceleDent, VPro5, and Propel to help them speed up their teeth recovery and enhance looks.

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