Top Symptoms of Tooth Decay and What You Can Do About It

Tooth decay can cause severe pain that will keep you awake at night. Cavities are caused due to the accumulation of bacteria in your teeth which causes the production of acid that leads to tooth decay. The bacterium gradually starts damaging the tooth to the point where it reaches the roots. There are many causes of tooth decay such as poor hygiene, lack of nutrients and excessively processed foods.

Top Symptoms of Tooth Decay


orthodontistPain or irritation can be the indication of a developing cavity which will later lead to tooth decay. Sometimes the pain is in the actual tooth and in some cases, it is caused due to an inflamed gum. Sharp pain and throbbing are both signs of a cavity forming in your tooth. Immediately visit your dentist or use a home remedy to inhibit the spread of the bacteria.

Difficulty Chewing

orthodontistIf you chew on something and the affected tooth comes in contact with a harder substance, you are likely to experience sharp pain that will cause you to stop chewing. A decaying tooth is susceptible to breaking or cracking under intense pressure that you are likely to put on it while chewing. Some cavities grow without any indications and are suddenly experienced through sharp pain or bleeding gums.


orthodontistSensitivity to hot, cold or sour foods and beverages is due to either swollen gums or a decaying tooth. Cavities often cause extreme sensitivity to certain foods, and you will experience a sharp pain each time you eat that particular food. This is because the tooth is decaying and hollowing out causing the food to reach the nerve endings.

Dark Spots

Notice any dark spots, holes or discoloration in your teeth? This is because the tooth decay is beginning from the surface of that tooth and the cavities are forming. Even white and brown spots can be an indication of a decaying tooth. If the spots are sticky, the tooth is decaying, and the bacterium is spreading. In such cases visit the dentist immediately for an examination.

What You Can Do

Brush Away

orthodontistRegularly brushing your teeth up to two times a day will help eliminate the hidden bacteria from your mouth, flossing and using mouthwash is the best way to reach crevices and corners that the bristles of the brush cannot reach. Although brushing is recommended after each meal, make sure that you are brushing at least twice a day.

Let the Sugar Go

orthodontistCutting out sugary and processed food from your diet will protect your teeth from the menace of tooth decay while improving your overall dental health. Minimize the consumption of carbonated beverages and other acidic foods to ensure a healthy mouth.

The Dentist Is Your Best Friend

Well not literally, but if your teeth are suffering because of your genetics, there is a large chance that you can stop the decay by taking good care of your teeth and regular visits to the dentist will help.

Symptoms of Tooth Decay: Bottom Line

Staying clean is part of an overall healthy lifestyle, and same idea goes for your oral health. A clean mouth will help your set of teeth to last in your old age. Take the recommended measures and never forget to change your toothbrush every three months. Invest in your health and choose natural toothpaste, avoid coffees and teas; if not then try using a straw. The smallest measure can help you prevent tooth decay. If your doctor recommends surgery, get the procedure done immediately to avoid further damage to the teeth.

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