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Invisible Braces

The thought of getting braces often raises many concerns. There is no denying that this idea is an unpleasant and unsightly option for people looking for a permanent solution for their misaligned teeth.


Thanks to the advanced breakthroughs in the domain of dentistry, that has removed the conventional stigma and discomfort associated with teeth enhancement treatments. Invisible braces are one of the great examples when it comes to finding an easy solution for crooked teeth. Simply put, getting braces is not as bad as you might have thought.

If you are considering getting invisible braces, here is all that you need to know.

Why Do People Need Braces?

Braces are some of those primary solutions commonly used for straightening teeth and improving an overbite. While most of these problems are often solved or fixed during childhood, many adults need braces for a number of reasons. Traditionally, dentists used metal or wire braces to correct these types of dental problems. Most people consider metal braces, despite being an effective solution for misaligned teeth, uncomfortable and unsightly.

Fortunately, the other options, like invisible braces, have become the new solution to address the issues of misaligned teeth in both adults and children.

Invisible Braces – An Attractive Way to Revitalize Your Smile

Gone are the days when people with crooked teeth had no other way to perfect their smile except wearing unattractive metal braces. Invisible braces have become a popular and comfortable panacea used to fix misaligned teeth and enhance physical confidence and self-esteem. In other words, invisible braces are an excellent alternative to metal braces and wire brackets.

In certain cases of severe bite problems or serious misalignment, invisible braces may not be as effective as traditional orthodontics. However, they make a better option to treat the given conditions:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Overjet or overbite
  • Spaced or crowded teeth

Invisible braces are suitable for older teenagers and adults. Doctors do not recommend them for children below the age of seven. Dentists can use traditional metal brackets on their front teeth to treat younger teenagers or children with orthodontic problems.

It is worth noting that only a professional dentist or orthodontist can help you determine whether you are the right candidate for invisible teeth. The other alternative treatments are primarily designed for adults as they need a more rigid and absolute solution. You have to wear the trays for 22 hours per day. People wearing them should not misplace and forget them to continue the effects.

Types of Invisible Braces

Following are some of the popular types of invisible braces:

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces, known also as clear braces, comprise of some composite material, which is relatively more brittle and weaker than any other metal counterparts. Invisible braces made of ceramic, are larger. They require small ligatures and rubber bands to hold to archwires. They might suffer staining, as the ligature is clear and white. Staining in ceramic braces, however, is not a problem because dentists change ligatures every time you visit them for braces adjustment. The ligating clips in ceramic braces do not require retying with elastics.

Like metal brackets or braces, the dentist will not remove the ceramic braces until after your treatment. In complex cases, it may produce discomfort and irritation and complicate speaking and eating if not taken proper care of.

It is important to note that ceramic or clear braces are not strong like metal braces and may require a long treatment. Orthodontists apply gradual and slower force on teeth to avoid overtaxing the strength capabilities of invisible braces.

Inside Braces

Inside braces are incognito or hidden braces placed at the back of the patient’s teeth. Since they are not visible, they allow people to perform their day-to-day activities without having to worry about their appearance. They do not have to feel self-conscious about the way they look or their smiles because their braces are virtually invisible. The dentist will fix them to your teeth and are not removable. Many orthodontists use elastics with inside braces to improve the speed of treatment.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners or Invisalign is another effective way to perfect your smile by straightening teeth without wearing traditional braces. They are a series of removable, clear, and custom-fit aligners that make a wonderful option for an irritation-free treatment. The advanced form of invisible braces has minimal adjustment pain and discomfort. Some of the biggest advantages of wearing clear aligners are that they are invisible and minimally invasive.


Moreover, you do not need to worry about brackets poking or coming off from your teeth with clear aligners. You can remove them whenever you want, such as for meals and drinks or any other special events. This feature also makes brushing and flossing easier.

Treatment Length of Invisible Braces

Like other dental processes, the treatment length of invisible braces also depends on the type of braces you choose and your situation. The typical time length of wearing braces is 18 to 24 months, but the dentist can extend them, if the problem is complex and requires more time.

Remember that professional orthodontist plays a very important role in producing the best results. Manhattan Family Orthodontics, with its competent team of orthodontists offers excellent and reliable invisible braces treatment. Whether you want Invisalign or incognito to enhance your appearance, the dental care service excels at providing comprehensive solutions for crooked or misaligned teeth.

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Family Orthodontists

You might have seen many people hiding their faces while smiling. One of the reasons for this can be their crooked or misaligned teeth. It does not only embarrass them but also lowers their self-esteem significantly. They consider going to an orthodontist who specializes in transforming smiles by helping them correct malpositioned teeth. They can help people realign crooked teeth and revitalize their smiles.


The orthodontic treatment processes become more comfortable if patients know their orthodontist. A great part of orthodontics relates to aesthetics. Patients need a doctor with whom they can conveniently discuss their concerns and hesitations. In addition, a family orthodontist plays a vital role when it comes to making orthodontic treatment comfortable and stress-free.

That is to say, whether it is about getting braces or choosing the right type of aligners, having a family orthodontist keeps you mentally relaxed. You can also discuss your potential health problems with a family orthodontist without any hesitation before your orthodontic treatment starts.

Before we plunge into the discussion of how a family orthodontist can benefit you, let us briefly discuss orthodontics.

What are Orthodontists?

Benefits of Having a Family Orthodontist

Getting your orthodontic treatment done by your family orthodontist may have plenty of benefits. Some of them include:

·       Make Your Treatment Convenient

Most parents and families have an extremely busy schedule as they spend long hours at their workplaces. Not only does it affect their lifestyles but also health and families. It is not only the parents who are engaged in many activities but children also. With daily activities like sports practice, music lessons, and group studies, organizing everything such as dentist’s treatment sessions often becomes overwhelming for parents.

However, when parents choose the orthodontic treatment as a family, it makes their lives a lot easier and convenient. A trusted family orthodontist such as Manhattan Family Orthodontic offers you great convenience by providing family orthodontic care. Regardless of the age of your family members, the dental care services offer orthodontic care to everyone. It saves your whole lot of time while making your life way easier.

·       You Get Reliable Advice

This is undeniably one of the most important benefits of having a family orthodontist. Your family orthodontist knows your health issues and medical history. The dental professional who has been treating you and your family for a long time or knows your medical history offers you reliable advice, as he/she is aware of your oral health.

That means you should trust that advice based on the knowledge of the collective needs of your family’s oral health needs.

·       Can Encourage Children to Get the Treatment

Getting orthodontic treatment is often intimidating for kids or even adults sometimes. However, when parents are there sitting next chair to their child, it encourages him/her to take the treatment and diminishes fears.

If children and parents use removable appliances, it can motivate both to continue the treatment and give them confidence. In addition, family members remind each other to wear their retainers and orthodontic appliances if they receive treatment together.


A good family orthodontist knows how to make his/her patients feel comfortable about the treatment. For example, if both parents and children have Invisalign, a family orthodontist may make it a challenge by asking them to keep track of their teeth alignment progress.

How Can You Choose a Family Orthodontist?

There is no denying that the oral health of your children is equally as important as anything else. Overlooking their dental or aesthetic concerns may lead to several other problems such as depression and lowered self-confidence. That is why choosing the right orthodontist for your family is of paramount importance.

Here we have enumerated some considerations you must ponder over when finding an orthodontist.

  • Get Referrals: Personal recommendations from your friends and family are vital to consider when choosing a family orthodontist. If you are already aware of the oral or orthodontic problem of your child, it is good to take a referral to a professional who specializes in that field or the same treatment you want.
  • Do online Research: Your search engines can help you find a number of orthodontists you would like to choose for your treatment. However, you need to be vigilant about finding the one who has promising practices in the relevant field such as orthodontists from Manhattan Family Orthodontics.

Manhattan Family Orthodontics – Home to the Best Family Orthodontists

When it is about choosing the best family orthodontists in NYC, Manhattan Family Orthodontics makes the right option. Offering patients highly advanced dental care services in relaxed environment, Manhattan Family is home to some of the finest and competent orthodontists. It has a team of highly educated and qualified orthodontists who specializes in almost all relative fields of orthodontics. They facilitate their patients with comprehensive and individualized treatment plans.

It is one of the most chosen dental services in NYC for not only its state-of-the-art technologies but also catering to patients in the best way. Many people choose Manhattan Family Orthodontics to receive orthodontic care for their family and to get rid of their misaligned teeth. It offers modern and advanced orthodontic treatments for children and adults. That is what makes it the right place for a family to achieve goal of their confident and broad smile.

If you are also considering having orthodontic treatments for your family, Manhattan Family Orthodontists can help you. All you need is to contact us at (212) 207-8028 to find out the right treatment option for you and your children. You can also visit our website  to get orthodontic consultation.