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How long will I have to wear braces?

how-long-wear-braces-faq-top-ortho-nyc-01Braces are appliances that orthodontists use to fix mal-positioned or crowded teeth and correct large gaps in them. They are made out of thin but solid wires that hold your teeth in an aligned position.  Braces help improve your oral health greatly and make biting and chewing easier. Also, they are there for some time to give you a pleasant, confident and bright smile.

The length of time you will have to wear braces depends on the current condition of your teeth. Generally they are worn for about 18 months to 2 years.  Orthodontists have their own set of goals with regards to your dental condition as well. In some severe cases, head gears and retainers are also required in addition to braces.


In your first session, you will get your teeth properly examined and your orthodontist will let you know thorough details about your dental situation. He/she will also do an oral exam via x-rays to see whether any tooth extractions are required before the braces. Once that is done and it is time for you to get braces, your orthodontist will carefully fix brackets on your teeth. Then, wires and bands will be added. This whole procedure will take about 30 minutes. Professionally trained staff will give you anesthesia before the procedure starts so you don’t need to worry about feeling pain or discomfort. Your orthodontist will make sure that your mouth is numb before he starts off. However, there will be mild soreness and tightness for a few days. Which you will be mentally prepared for by your orthodontist. You may be prescribed pain relievers.

Usually, orthodontists recommend wax to ease the pain that is caused by wires and is likely to hurt your gums. This dental wax comes in small boxes and it will be provided to you by your orthodontist. For a few days you will be asked to eat soft and light foods such as instant noodles and soups.  On each of your session after that, your orthodontist will monitor the progress of your teeth and change the bands. The cool part is that you can select the color of the bands yourself. You will have a lot of fascinating options to choose from. Neon colors and many other shades of your favorite colors. Good news is that there are glow in the dark ones available too. The unlimited variety of bands is surely something to look forward to.


Proper Care of Oral Hygiene You will have to be extra careful and take your oral hygiene very seriously once you get braces. If you leave everything on your orthodontist and don’t do anything on your own, then I’m afraid there maybe problems coming your way that you should be aware of. For instance, if you don’t brush your teeth everyday then there is a high chance that you can develop a gum disease. To avoid such a risk from happening, use a soft bristled tooth brush and a fluoride tooth paste regularly. In addition to that, your orthodontist will provide you with a thread equipment for flossing. You may use that to get rid of the tiny bits of food stuck between brackets and wires.


To conclude, it is very important that you go for regular checkups and get your teeth cleaned by your orthodontist on each visit. If you don’t follow instructions and don’t maintain compliance then it can extend the time needed for completion and may cause complications. The more careful you are, the less time it takes to fix your teeth and get rid of the braces. The feeling is glorious when that happens.

So what are you waiting for? Get solutions to all your braces related concerns by scheduling an appointment with the best orthodontist in NYC today!

What Dental Conditions Does an Orthodontist Treat?

orthodontist-for-crooked-teeth-nyc-01One common misconception that many people have is that orthodontists solely treat misaligned teeth. This is widely inaccurate, though. There are plenty of conditions that orthodontists treat, all which can lead to an improvement in your overall life. While all treatments involve the teeth and their alignment, not all of them are the same. By this, we mean that there are plenty of different conditions that people may have, and orthodontists can help with them. If you’re struggling with dental or bone alignment issues within your mouth, a visit to a great orthodontist like us will improve how you feel long term.

Types of Conditions

Many conditions can be greatly improved just by visiting an orthodontist and receiving dental treatment. This means that regardless of how significant or minor your alignment issues are, an orthodontist can help you out. Some of the most common conditions an orthodontist can treat include:

  • Bite Misalignments
  • Teeth Spacing
  • Jaw Issues

Let’s take a look at these in more depth below.

Bite Misalignments

One common issue that patients come to see an orthodontist for include bite misalignments. This means that your teeth are not perfectly lined up when you normally bite down. There are three types of bite issues which are an overbite, underbite, and a crossbite. An overbite relates to your top teeth overlapping your bottom teeth when you bite. An underbite is just the opposite, as your bottom teeth will overlap your upper teeth. A crossbite is a unique form of a bite that creates a gap between your front upper and lower teeth. Regardless of what kind of bite you have, an orthodontist can help improve this and get both upper and lower teeth to meet naturally at the midline.

Teeth Spacing


This is the most common issue that patients visit an orthodontist for. Spacing issues can form aesthetic damage and cause your self-confidence to hinder. Additionally, teeth spacing can cause various dental problems such as gum issues and potential decay. The two forms of spacing issues that orthodontists deal with involve either tooth gaps or overcrowding. Gaps are seen when the teeth do not fully occupy the space that the entire mouth does. Overcrowding is the opposite, as it relates to having too little space in your mouth for all of your teeth. Regardless of the issue, we can help you out and properly manipulate your teeth into the most beneficial positions.

Jaw Issues

A less common issue is a jaw misalignment. With these, your jaw can be causing problems within the mouth. A tell-tale sign that you have a jaw issue can be seen if you have frequent or persistent pain in your bottom mouth, or if your jaw makes noise when you move it. If so, we can help identify the source of the issue and give you solutions for it.

An Orthodontist Can Help

Orthodontists are highly trained and qualified to help you with all of your tooth alignment issues. For the best treatment possible, visit us at Manhattan Family Orthodontics. As one of the best orthodontists in all of New York City, we can provide you with the best oral treatment possible. Visit us today or schedule an appointment for a consultation!

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