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How to Pick the Best Orthodontist in NYC

4 Things You Should Consider When Picking an Orthodontist

choosing-best-orthodontist-nyc-01Getting corrective treatment for your teeth is no small affair and choosing the right orthodontist is of the utmost importance. A good orthodontist will guide you through the procedures, give you the better treatment option for your needs, and will make sure that the whole procedure is a success. In this article, we’re going to give you a few things that you should take into consideration when picking an orthodontist.

Experience and Qualifications

This is the first thing you should be looking for when picking an orthodontist. Only an experienced and skilled orthodontist will be able to give you the results you need.

Before you pick an orthodontist for your procedure, make sure that they are board certified. Certified orthodontists have to go through an additional two to three years of training in addition to residency to get their certification. And note that not all people who provide corrective treatments are certified. Some dentists might offer treatments like Invisalign but may not be as well versed as orthodontists on a variety of issues.

Their Support Team

best-orthodontic-service-team-nyc-02While the orthodontist will be the person in charge of your treatment plan, their team is equally important. Orthodontists may be surrounded by a team consisting of anything from dental nurses and orthodontic therapists to hygienists and treatment coordinators. Every person in their team plays an important role in your treatment so make sure that you check their experience and credentials as well.

Available Treatments

There are tons of different treatment options available and new treatments are constantly being introduced. All these treatments have


their share of pros and cons and might not be the best suited for your situation. You’ll be able to discuss different treatments with your orthodontist during your first consultation. Try to check their website before you book an appointment to see which treatments they offer so you can ask informed questions once you meet them.

Look at Previous Work

In addition to looking at various treatment options, you should also try to check if they can show you results of previous work they’ve done, preferably for the same type of treatment you’ll be getting. They will usually have a section on their website with before and after pictures, but they should also be able to show you pictures once you meet them for your initial consultation.

These few tips should help you narrow down your choices and find a great orthodontist in your area. If you live in the New York metro area and are looking for a reputable orthodontist, call us today at (646) 760-8028 to schedule an appointment with the best orthodontist in New York.

Basics of Orthodontics by Top NYC Orthodontist

4 Signs That You May Need Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic issues can have far reaching effects on your oral and overall health. This is why it’s important to address orthodontic issues early before they cause any complications. However, many people don’t seem to think they have serious issues and might not think that they need treatment. But issues can aggravate over time and become harder to correct later on. Here are some of the signs that you may need to undergo orthodontic treatment.


best-tooth-crowding-orthodontist-nyc-01Crowding is one of the most common issues orthodontists have to deal with. Crowding occurs when there’s simply not enough space for your teeth to fit correctly. Braces and other forms of orthodontic treatment are usually used to correct these issues in younger children and adolescents, but adults who have received treatment earlier may show signs of crowding later on in their lives.

One thing about crowding is that it gets worse and worse as it goes on and can lead to other complications if left unattended. This can lead to teeth becoming too close together to be cleaned and flossed, which can result in a variety of other related issues.

Spacing and Gapping


While some people might think that a gap between your teeth might be endearing, you shouldn’t have to deal with one if you don’t like it. Spacing and gapping are like the opposite of crowding. In many cases, people who have spacing issues are either missing a tooth or two or have uncharacteristically large jaws.


orthodontist-for-overbite-nyc-03An overbite occurs when your top row of teeth overlaps the bottom row. Not only is it noticeable but it could eventually lead to a whole host of other complications. This makes the risk of suffering front teeth trauma greater and increases the chances of fracturing your front teeth in case of an accident. A severe overbite could also lead to gum recession and extreme tooth wear.


ortho-for-underbite-nyc-ny-04The underbite is the exact opposite of the overbite. An underbite is characterized by the bottom teeth protruding and covering the top row. This often occurs when people have an oversized jaw. A severe underbite can make biting and chewing difficult and accelerates the facial aging process.
If you’re showing any of the symptoms outlined in this article, then it’s definitely a sign that you should seek orthodontic treatment immediately. If you want to know which treatment would be the best for your condition, contact us today to set up an appointment with the best orthodontist in New York.