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All About Adult Braces

Are adult braces common? Nearly 1.4 million adults received orthodontic treatment in the US in 2014, debunking common misconceptions that braces are only for teens and children.  The use of braces for adults is becoming more commonplace, and here we will discuss some of the reasons why.

All About Adult Braces

Some people have uneven teeth and misalignment that lead to many oral health issues. Degenerating oral health conditions due to crooked and misaligned teeth and/or jaw require you to visit your dentist.  Some people focus on reviving their smiling power and appeal. Therefore, adults are seeking the best orthodontic treatments for health and cosmetic reasons.

Complications for Adults Getting Braces

In addition to the many reasons that might make the adult braces difficult during application and post-procedure management, there are other factors. The growth and development of the jaw and gums inside the mouth can make it painful or difficult to install braces.

Many children and adolescents may not wear their braces for extensive periods, and the primary reason for that is that their jaw and mouth are still in the growth stage. Hence, the development makes it easy for their orthodontist to guide the teeth growth and alignment on the jaw.

On the other hand, in adults, the jaw, teeth, and gum are in the mature stage. It means they are permanent and have formed a structure. Therefore, guiding and changing their structure for teeth and jaw alignment get difficult. Occasionally, they wear braces and other similar orthodontic appliances for longer periods.

Types of Braces for Adults

Nowadays, there is an extensive range and types of braces for adults. However, you can narrow down the type of braces you want depending on your oral condition and why you are getting them. For instance, if you need braces for aesthetics, get the ones that are hardly visible and work with other treatments to speed up the results.

Lingual Braces

Like the traditional metal braces, lingual braces help correct teeth and gum misalignment. Your orthodontist will attach the lingual braces to the backside of your teeth, which makes them hardly noticeable.

They are often customizable, but that increases their costs. Still, lingual braces are difficult to clean, maintain, get habitual to, and more importantly, they still involve the need to wear retainers post-treatment.

Traditional Metal Braces

Metal braces consist of a long flexible arch-wire that extends from the last tooth of one side to the last tooth of the other side. An orthodontist installs the metal brackets on one or more teeth as necessary with o-shaped bands to help fix the teeth in their correct position.

They are highly noticeable but are easy to clean, maintain, and require frequent orthodontic appointments to reconfigure the arch-wire setting in the mouth (i.e., when the teeth start moving to the correct position).

Self-Ligating Braces

Self-ligating braces are also similar to conventional metal braces. However, the only key difference is the elimination of colorful o-shaped elastic bands that were previously in use to help correct the tooth’s position.

Now, a single metal door on every tooth helps to hold the arch-wire that enables swift teeth’ movement into the correct position.


Aligners are usually plastic and similar material trays that fit right over the teeth (upper and/or lower). They fit perfectly due to the use of 3-D imaging and x-rays. They are expensive, but the price may vary from brand to brand. Some of the invisible braces/clear aligners’ brands offer easy installments after purchase.

What you should know is that these clear aligners might not be easy to accommodate as alternatives to conventional braces. In fact, you have to wear them for no less than 20 or 22 hours a day. You can remove them only when eating and drinking.

Best Adult Braces NYC

While drinking water might be easy, other liquids such as white wine, red wine, juices, or other similar beverages will stain the clear aligners. Hence, it adds to the cost and makes them visible.

How Long Do You Have to Wear Adult Braces?

The average time for wearing braces is around one and a half years to 2 years. However, it will depend on the crookedness of your teeth, the procedure that your orthodontist suggests, etc. Your braces will require adjustment to have them fit on your teeth as they start to move into the correct position every few weeks.

After the treatment is over, you will have to wear retainers to prevent the teeth from falling back into the same place and cause another misalignment.

Adult Braces: Conclusion

Is your smile not reflecting your bright personality? Here at Manhattan Family Orthodontics, we have some of the best orthodontists in NYC who excel in the application of various different braces. Furthermore, our staff is compassionate and friendly.

Contact us uptown (646) 760-8028 or downtown at (212) 477-3871 to get more information about the different styles and methods of braces that our orthodontists offer. Schedule a meeting with one of our orthodontic experts today. You can also visit our official practice website if you want to know more about braces and other dental procedures.


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What Makes the Best Family Orthodontist?

Wondering what makes the best family orthodontist? Well, there are so many qualities that you will need in a family dentist. Read this article to understand what qualities your orthodontist must possess.

Best Family Orthodontist

Top Qualities of a Great Family Orthodontist

The following are some essential qualities in a family orthodontist that you need to look for.


It’s important to look for an orthodontist who is passionate about their work and always remain enthusiastic. If you find one that has the utmost love for their work, they will help you achieve a happier and healthier smile. This way, you will get happy and relax life.

Not to mention, the enthusiasm of a dentist can be really helpful for you, especially when they are treating your little ones. From toddlers to teenagers, children need a friendly and qualified doctor who can give them the best treatment. Moreover, you also don’t have to face problems like appointment cancelation. These types of orthodontists are more concerned about their patients and feel pleasure in giving regular treatments to their clients.


Okay, it’s important that your future family dentist remains attentive during work. Teeth need extra care; hence, your dentist should be attentive and listen to your issues and concerns regarding your oral health. Just imagine what can happen if they take their eyes off from your mouth during any oral procedure? Yes, this can be dangerous. In short, you need to choose a dentist who not only listens carefully but also remains mentally and physically active during any dental procedure.


When you are searching for family dentists, another quality you need to look for is compassion. No matter what your age is, you can have dental phobia or anxiety about oral treatment and routine cleaning. Your doctors should have an eye to catch your nervousness and the ability to calm you down. They should be able to empathize with the patient and show compassion. This way, an orthodontist will be able to treat a patient more carefully.


This is something not every person thinks. But it is a vital factor to consider. If you think carefully, a dentist is someone you are putting a lot of faith and trust in. Your health problem, whether it is big or small, totally relies on a person who can make it better or worst. So, it’s important to make sure that your future family orthodontist is a reliable professional. Of course, you want to see a dentist who is credible and has a positive reputation.


The major reason why people often avoid visiting a dentist is their hefty fees. So you need to look for someone that you can afford. Moreover, some dental insurance companies are infamous for their vicious acts, but a good orthodontist can help you to get proper insurance for your treatments.

Also, some dentists may charge you higher even for routine procedures. They often ask you to go through treatments and take some unnecessary tests only to make money. So, it’s important that you choose someone who is honest with their work and tries to remain affordable.

The Best Family Orthodontist Has Good Online Reviews

Nothing is more reliable than online reviews; personal referral is another great thing. They give you information that you can only get from your personal understanding, as people share their dentist’s experiences. These reviews give you an insight into what to expect from that dentist; it would help you decide whether you should choose them. If you get an option to comment in the review section, you can also ask for more details about the orthodontist.

What Makes the Best Family Orthodontist?

Practical Experience

An orthodontist who is in practice for at least a few years should be your choice. Experience in the field, getting the opportunity to work with people of all ages, and treating various oral health problems, makes an orthodontist the best choice. Not only can they give you the best treatment, but also they make you comfortable, even when you have to go through the painful treatments.

Moreover, their ability to understand the oral health requirements of people of different age groups can help your entire family get proper treatment or trust the orthodontist for any dental procedure.

Also, experience makes a person pro in their field, giving them an edge to treat you better than others. A lot of experienced and qualified dentists also treat patients in such a way so that you feel less pain and discomfort.

Best Family Orthodontist: Bottom Line

As you have learned what qualities you need to look in your family orthodontists, you can easily search the best dentist for your entire family. We can also help you to find the right orthodontist. We, at Manhattan Family Orthodontics, have the best dentists & Orthodontists in NYC.

We know what is best for our patients and are ready to serve them by all means. Visit our website for more details or call us today at 212-207-8028.