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Trends in Orthodontics 2019-2020

What are the current trends in orthodontics 2019-2020? There is no denying that orthodontic treatments have seen great leaps and bounds in the past few decades. The tremendous innovations and advances in this domain have very well proven to be game changing in recent years.

trends in orthodontics 2019 2020

According to Dr. John F. Buzzatto, president of the American Association of Orthodontists, the current trends of orthodontics have enabled people achieve a beautiful and healthy smile within months. With premium orthodontic care, qualified specialists are better able to assess and prescribe customized treatment solutions to accomplish treatment goals.

That is to say, the field of orthodontics has come a long way like other dental domains. From the evolution of techniques to using digital equipment, the advancements have allowed reliable dental services such as Manhattan Family Orthodontics to provide high-quality treatment in relaxed environment.

The good news is that modern trends and treatments continue to progress at a great pace. If you are considering having orthodontic treatment, it is important to find out which current trends and technologies are going to rule the future years.

To help you explore that, we have enlisted some current orthodontics trends and technologies already in practice in 2019 and expected to be there in 2020.

Current Trends in Orthodontics

Customized and Individualize Smile Design System

Having a customized smile may sound bizarre to you, but new advancements in the domain of orthodontics have made it possible. To your surprise, your orthodontist can create a customized smile for you by using 3-D planning software. Orthodontists use the dental and facial features of patients to create a digital smile print of smile. Not only this, the new trend allows patients to see the final look of their smile. It does not only boost motivation and willingness in the patients but also helps them make an informed decision.

Orthodontists create a three dimensional model of a patient’s dental structure with the help of 3D planning impressions and software. In addition, dentists can customize metal wires and braces using the same technology to cater the specific needs of the patients.

Copper-Titanium and Nickel Wires

Gold, silver, and stainless steel wires were the firsthand choices of orthodontists for correcting the position of misaligned teeth. However, copper-titanium or nickel wires or brackets have replaced this trend as they conveniently withstand heat and cold food in the mouth. Plus, they have an ability to tighten or bend naturally when teeth shift or move.

Orthodontic Trends 2020

That means patients do not have to take extensive appointments to adjust and tighten their braces.

ITERO Scanner for Taking Digital Impressions

The use of the ITERO scanner is another unique trend that has changed the world of orthodontics. The modern trend is all about eliminating manual effort required to create dental impression. The scanner is not only modern but also compatible with ITERO products and software.

With the help of this modernly designed machine, orthodontists can easily scan the patient’s mouth and use digital impression to create an individualized dental treatment. Besides this, the digital impression helps design aligning equipment for future use. The reason why use of this scanner has become a raging trend in orthodontic treatments is the accuracy in results it produces. It has significantly less fitting issues that save both patients and orthodontic’s energy and time.

Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs)

TADs are typically miniscrews made of surgical-grade titanium. In general, orthodontists use these devices in oral surgeries. However, since they underwent upgrades, orthodontists and dentists are using TADs to control teeth movement in the mouth. These devices are great to provide a safe anchor to the jawbone, particularly for molars. TADs are also helpful when it comes to minimizing unwanted teeth movement.

The trend will gain more popularity as its placement procedure is painless and easy. The treatment requires a little amount of topical anesthetic, which is removed once the treatment is finished.

Fast Orthodontic Treatment Using Propel

No matter how effective and comfortable your orthodontic treatment is for your appearance and oral health, it takes time. Whether you take aligners or wear braces, they require at least six to 12 months fixing your malpositioned teeth. In addition, nobody wants to wear aligners or braces for such a long time.

Luckily, the current trend of using PROPEL in orthodontic treatment has addressed this concern to some extent. The highly advanced methods can help shorten the treatment time significantly.

Another thing that makes it a highly raging trend of 2019 and 2020 is its non-invasive feature. Orthodontic technology is specifically to accelerate the speed of orthodontic treatment without influencing the patient’s safety.

Self- Ligating and Invisible Braces

The conventional metal brackets and ligatures apply heavy pressure and force to correct the position of teeth. Moreover, that causes a lot of discomfort and pain. Modern orthodontic trends such as invisible braces are much more efficient, discreet, and effective. It has resolved the aesthetic concerns of people when it comes to wearing braces that look unsightly. There is no need to place elastic bands to straighten teeth when using the self-lighting system. In addition, invisible aligners are barely conspicuous.

There is no doubt that the orthodontic domain has completely revolutionized. Thanks to the new trends and technologies that have taken orthodontic treatments to a completely new level. Manhattan Family Orthodontics, in this regard has incorporated all the modern trends into its dental treatment plans. The expert team of orthodontists uses advanced technologies and machines to provide high-quality treatment.

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Do you need Permanent Retainers?

Do you need permanent retainers? You have done with your Invisalign or braces treatment and finally restored the smile you always wanted to have. So what is the next step? Retainers!

You might not have heard the word before, but retainers play a very important role in orthodontic treatment. They stabilize your gums and maintain teeth alignment. Retainers hold your teeth in a fixed position, placed in the final phase of the treatment.

Permanent Retainers | Orthodintist

It is worth noting that your teeth tend to change their position after treatment. Regardless of what dental treatment you have taken, your teeth may move to their original position. Dentists refer to this phenomenon as dental relapse. This is where the role of retainers comes into play. The main function of retainers is to prevent dental relapse. That saves not only your money, time, and hard work but also your smile.

That is to say, wearing retainers is extremely important if you have undergone an orthodontic treatment to keep your teeth from shifting. Only professional orthodontics such as Manhattan Family Orthodontics can provide one of the best services with advanced and modern dental care treatment.

If you do not want to end up wearing Invisalign or braces after your orthodontic treatment, it is vital to wear retainers. To help you make an informed decision, here we have included everything you need to know about permanent retainers.

What are Permanent Retainers?

Also labeled as fixed retainers, permanent retainers are metal wire or bar to hold your teeth to their position. As mentioned earlier, they keep your teeth from shifting. The orthodontists use permanent retainers after removing braces, when the teeth are in alignment.

In many cases, permanent retainers remain fixed behind the front teeth. The dentist will install cement in specific places to prevent teeth shifting, particularly bottom front dental line.

Bonded or permanent retainers are different from custom retainers, which are removable. The retainers do not fix to the backside of the teeth. However, they can help you keep teeth from moving or shifting after they align.

Types of Retainers

As mentioned previously, to maintain the teeth correction during the initial phase of braces removal or any other teeth appliances dentists use for correction, you need retainers. Retainers come in different types and knowing about them is essential to choose the right one.

Removable Retainers

It is a wire of retainers (Hawley) that dentists wrap around your front teeth. They help teeth settle into their place naturally, as the biting surface is coverless. In addition, removable retainers are easy-to-adjust, and you can check the position frequently.

Clear Retainers

This type of retainer is light weighted and not noticeable if you wear them properly. However, heavy grinding or heat may distort them.

Permanent or Fixed Retainers

Permanent retainers, unlike removable retainers, do not wear through. Moreover, you cannot misplace these fixed appliances. No matter how hard you grind, permanent or fixed retainers remain on their position to perform the function.

Why Should You Choose Permanent Retainers?

One of the biggest benefits of choosing permanent retainers is that there is no way you can forget wearing them as they fuse to your teeth. These lingual or bonded wires are not fixed to your teeth but also least visible. It is because permanent retainers fix to the back of the teeth. The dentist will bond the bottom and upper metal wires to each other (including six lower teeth and four upper teeth).

Permanent Retainers | Best Ortho

Your orthodontist at Manhattan Family can help you choose the best type of retainers for your teeth.

Some of the key benefits of choosing permanent retainers are;

  • Not Visible: As these retainers are at the back of the teeth, they are not noticeable. That means you do not need to worry about unsightly metal wires blocking or hiding your spotless smile.
  • You Cannot Misplace Them: If you have a weak memory, you may likely to forget wearing your removable retainers. With permanent retainers, you cannot forget or misplace your teeth’ appliance.
  • Easy to Clean: It is another great benefit of choosing permanent retainers. You can clean them with regular teeth cleaning methods such as brushing and flossing. And that makes permanent retainers one of the low-maintenance options.

Cost of Permanent Retainers

You might find this teeth treatment a little expensive, but it is worth the price. Permanent retainers can help you keep your misaligned teeth straight for years. The average cost of permanent retainers can go up to $500 to $1000.

How Can You Take Care of Your Permanent Retainer?

Although permanent retainers are low maintenance, they need extra care. You need to make sure that you clean the specific area thoroughly. You can floss your teeth in a normal way; however, make sure to floss between the retainers back and forth to dislodge food debris.

Using a water flosser is a good idea to go extra through. It can help you shoot a water stream into the places where your traditional floss cannot reach. Plus, allow your toothbrush bristles to go between the wires to remove food particles and debris.

Remember that choosing an expert orthodontist is extremely important to restore your confident smile. You look best with their state-of-the-facilities.

At Manhattan Family Orthodontics, we offer advanced dental care treatments, including permanent retainers. Our team of competent orthodontists specialize in permanent and removable retainers, emergency orthodontics, and retainer repairs. To find out more about your treatment options you can call us at (646) 760-8028 or visit our website