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3 Signs That Your Child Should Consult an Orthodontist

When it comes with teeth alignment issues, the sooner you can identify them, the less harsh and lengthy the treatment will be later on. This is why it’s important to tackle these issues early on and look for signs of possible issues when your children are still in their infancy. Let’s look at some common signs that it’s time to schedule an appointment with an orthodontist.

Difference in Your Child’s Bite or Teeth

orthodontistYou should routinely check your child’s dentition to see if you can spot any significant change in their teeth alignment or their bite. Look for signs of crowding, overbite, underbite, crooked teeth or any misalignment. You should perform a visual exam a few times a month at least and monitor any changes. Have your child open their mouth so you can take a closer look. Then ask them to close it to see if their jaw and teeth fit together.

It would be wise to take notes and bring them with you on your visit to the orthodontist. This will allow them to make a better diagnosis and come up with treatment options.

If Your Child Turned 7

orthodontistMany experts recommend scheduling your child’s first appointment with an orthodontist around the age of 7. This is usually when the most common orthodontic problems start showing signs.

But you should know that children are different and grow at different rates, so while there may be no signs showing earlier, they may still develop some orthodontic issues later. Some people claim that the absolute best time to consider orthodontic treatment is when the child is around 10 to 14 years old since the mouth and head are still growing which is more conducive to proper teeth straightening.

Your Child is Having Trouble Closing Their Mouth

orthodontistOne of the clearest signs that you child may have orthodontic issues is if they can’t close their mouth correctly. Another tell-tale sign is if they bite their cheeks constantly. This could be a sign that your child is having either jaw or teeth alignment problems. In either case, you should definitely think about scheduling an appointment with a professional.

Other signs that your child might have issues include mouth breathing, grinding/clenching of the teeth and troubles eating and speaking.

If your child exhibits any of these signs, then you should consider calling an orthodontist today to see if the issue needs to be corrected. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with the best orthodontist in New York.

Make the right decision and call the best orthodontist in NYC. Contact us at 1-646-760-8028 to schedule a consultation.

3 Questions You Should Ask Your Orthodontist on Your First Visit

orthodontistBefore you undergo orthodontic treatment and pick an orthodontist for the procedure, it’s important that all your questions about the doctor in question, and the procedure itself, are answered. Your teeth are a very important part of your body, and a procedure gone wrong could affect you for many years, maybe even the rest of your life. So, before you decide to go for treatment, make sure that you ask these questions first.

What’s Your Background?

orthodontistOne of the first things you should ask your orthodontist on your first visit is what their background is. Make sure that you ask questions about their education. Board certified orthodontists are required to spend two to three years of additional training plus residency, so ask them about that. Try to find out where they had their residency, what dental school they attended, and how many years they’ve been practicing.

What Treatment Options Are Available?

Your orthodontist should be able to give you a variety of options for your specific condition. You should ask them which type of results you can expect since the outcome can vary depending on the treatment. Put emphasis on results and try to find out which method will give you the results you want.


Most of the time, your orthodontist will have one principal treatment that they will propose. Ask them as much as you can about the specific treatment and try to ask if there are any other treatments available. Ask how they differ from the option they proposed and try to find out the advantages and disadvantages of each before you make your final choice.

How Will the Treatment Affect My Everyday Life?

Some treatments are more intrusive than others and will have a greater effect on your day to day life. For instance, there might be restrictions on what types of food you’ll be able to consume. Some treatments take longer to work then others and others might be more uncomfortable. Try to find out as much as you can about what your life will be like after any treatment before you pick one.

Asking these few questions will not only allow you to find out more about your orthodontist but you will have a clearer picture of the procedure you decide to undergo as well. If you want to know a little bit more about orthodontic treatments and find out which one could work for you, contact us today to schedule an appointment with the best orthodontist in New York.

Make the right decision and call the best orthodontist in NYC. Contact us at 1-646-760-8028 to schedule a consultation.